Yacht Rigging Services

Listed are some of our services available. Contact us at Gulf Harbour Rigging to arrange a particular job, or to discuss your specific requirements.

Our dedicated rigging workshop is located in the Gulf Harbour Marine centre, but we can provide a mobile service Auckland wide, or to any other location by arrangement.

Rig inspection

Yacht rigging has a finite life that varies according to many factors; correct sizing and fitting, materials used, accumulated fatigue depending upon usage, and environmental conditions.

A thorough inspection can identify defects and problems likely to lead to premature failure, and help in creating a plan to maximize the working life of rigging. This plan may include a rig tune and sea trial to ensure that any vessel’s particular requirements are met.

Mast removal and restepping

Gulf Harbour Rigging can work with you, or organise the entire job of removing your mast for any rig or hull work. Preparations such as disconnecting electrics and hydraulics, removal of sails and undoing rigging can be done by us in most cases, or for complicated systems, we have specialists available with the necessary expertise.

The lifting can be done with Gulf Harbour's boatstacker  fork hoist (up to forty footers), travelift mounted 2 ton capacity hiab crane, or for the largest masts, we can organise any size crane required.

Stainless and Aluminium Welding

Gulf Harbour Rigging can perform a wide range of welding repair and manufacturing jobs. We have a Miller 350 TIG welder for workshop aluminium and stainless steel manufacturing and repair work, and a portable TIG welder that can used for on site stainless steel repairs.

Spar repairs / refinishing

We can undertake any repairs necessary to your mast and spars, and also provide solutions for refinishing that match expectations according to budget. Complete repainting available, or we can suggest how a basic stripping and polish can provide a cost effective alternative that is gaining popularity among owners looking to minimize maintenance time and cost.

Replacement of standing and running rigging

Gulf Harbour Rigging can replace your wire or rod rigging, and also any end terminals and mast fittings required. We can supply swaged or swageless fittings for wire rigging to suit preference. Wire suppliers include Navtec from Kiwi Yachting, Kos and Hamma Strand from KZ Marine Ltd.  and Shaw’s Wire Ropes. Swage and swageless fitting supplied include top quality products from Swageturn NZ, SeaRig, Osman & Co., Navtec and StaLok.

We also supply and splice halyards, sheets, control lines and any other running rigging required. We advise on, and supply the right material cordage at a quality to suit the application, and at a price that is extremely competitive. Suppliers include Fineline Marine, Donaghys, and Nautilus Braids.

Rope sales and splicing

Wire swaging

Sales and service of furling equipment

Headsail and mainsail furlers have made sailing a lot easier for today’s sailor. However, when they stop working properly, safety can be jeopardized by the inability to get rid of sail when conditions deteriorate. Many furlers have simple geometry problems that can be rectified to make for safer operation, and Gulf Harbour Rigging has the experience with most major brands to be able to identify and provide service as necessary for repairs and routine maintenance.

We can also provide advice on the most suitable furler for replacement or an entirely new system. We sell most major brands and install, and consult with the sailmaker to ensure the system chosen functions correctly. Brands sold include Bamar, Facnor, Furlex, Harken, Reckmann, Reefrite, Profurl and Schaefer Marine. Mainsail boom furlers from Leisurefurl and Reefrite.

Rigging hardware and systems

Gulf Harbour Rigging supply and install hardware from all the major suppliers. Garhauer Marine, Harken, Lewmar, Ronstan, Rutgerson, Selden, Spinlock, Wichard. Blocks, cleats, rope clutches and jammers, winches, deck organizers, tracks and cars and other fittings. We also supply spare parts and service where possible, and can advise on appropriate sizing and best product for your application. Contact us to discuss your needs and to take advantage of our experience.

Winch servicing

Winches are an essential item of equipment on every yacht, but commonly have their maintenance ignored until they show obvious signs of problems. By this time, there can be irreparable internal damage. It is generally recommended that winches be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated once a season, or in the case of aluminium models, once every three months to prevent corrosion. Gulf Harbour Rigging can take care of all servicing needs, or supply materials and advise to help owners create a plan to keep on top of this messy job themselves. New winches available from Andersen Winches, Lewmar and Harken.

Mast electrics / wind instruments / radio antennas

Reliable navigation lights and wind instruments make night time sailing safe, along with the ability to communicate when necessary by VHF or SSB radio. Being up the mast means that they are only looked at when they give problems, and Gulf Harbour Rigging can find and fix those problems for you. We also install new equipment and even cables with the mast in place, or suggest all options possible. We supply the new wireless windgear systems from Nexus Marine, and antennas and cables from Pacific Aerials, so contact us to discuss your up mast electric needs.

Lazy jacks

Finding handling your mainsail a chore, but can’t justify a boom or in mast furler? Maybe a lazy jack system will make your sail handling simpler. We can design, make up and fit a system to meet your needs.

Lifelines and jackstays

Safety should be everybody’s first priority, and lifelines are commonly neglected. Like other wire rigging, the lifelines have a limited working life, and many lifelines also suffer from unseen corrosion inside a plastic coating. End lashings are frequently left too many years in the UV light and weaken badly, and lifeline turnbuckles and pelican clips often are fatigued to the point of being unsafe. We can quote to replace these items along with jackstays of webbing or wire to make moving around the deck simple when wearing a safety harness.

Undercover mast storage

Having boatbuilding or painting work done, and need your rig removed and stored? Gulf Harbour Rigging have inside storage for spars to 19 metres, and cost is no more than you will pay for storage outside. For rigs over 20 metres, or for owners wishing to perform their own rig maintenance, arrangements can be made with the Gulf Harbour Marina administration for outside space in a security monitored area.

Marina / mooring lines

Boats spend more time tied up than in use, so it is important that the lines selected are appropriately sized and fitted to ensure the safety of your boat while it is unattended. Gulf Harbour Rigging can supply rope and other materials for a do it yourself job, or plan and tailor make complete sets to any standard required.

Architectural rigging

Gulf Harbour Rigging not only do marine rigging, but can provide custom wire and rope work for industrial and household projects. Nautical looking handrail jobs, stainless wire support structures for coastal areas, overhead suspension projects; contact us to discuss your needs.